New Music

Listen: Angie – Parallels

Angie is probably best known for playing in Circle Pit, Ruined Fortune, Southern Comfort, Straight Arrows and, back in the day, Kiosk. She also writes for this website sometimes. She’s releasing her first solo record later this year in the form of Turning, through Rice is Nice and Easter Bilby.

‘Parallels’ kinda reminds me of the type of music you’d crack skulls to at your nearest roadside hellhole, and there’s a strong biker rock strain running throughout (though my dad’s a biker and he listens to Hendrix and System of a Down, so who knows). Listening to Turning for the first time, I was reminded how central Angie’s guitar playing always was to Circle Pit – those nimble yet loosely strung leads really help elucidate the melody inside the more bottom heavy surrounds. Overall impression though it that it makes me want to get in a car and drive somewhere. With this playing.



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