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Listen: Drunk Elk – My Home Is On The Edge Of An Ocean


Drunk Elk is responsible for one of my all time favourite songs, namely ‘Quintesence‘ from his 2010 record Pieces of People We Have Known¬†(though my favourite version appeared on a long OOP Inverted Crux cassette). So it’s good news that the Tasmanian songwriter has a new album coming out later this month on Doctor Guten Tag Records, which is apparently operated by Dave Elk himself. The cassette, which is so far unnamed, will also get a limited run release through Wormwood Grasshopper.

Drunk Elk’s music sounds remote. There’s a superficial ‘outsider’ quality to it, but it’s more solitary than it is unusual per se. I know it’s contradicted by name of the song, but Drunk Elk’s music reminds me of remote, inhospitable plains at night. Cicadas and swarms of glowing rabbit eyes.


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