New Music

Listen: Warden Burger – Unlit Furs


Hashram Audio Concern has a new batch of CD-Rs and cassettes out, and among them is Warden Burger’s Thirst. I first came into contact with this group through a live Breakdance the Dawn release, but the fidelity on this recording is a lot clearer and — while the excerpt below only goes for about three minutes — the sound a bit more brooding. This particular release follows a 2CD set released by Hashram late last year entitled Environments. I never heard that one, but the recordings on Thirst are drawn from the same sessions.

Check out the other new Hashram Audio Concern releases on the label website. They include new 6majik9, Smoking Ruins, Odious, Luger, No Fuckwit and Blend 42 From Outer Space. Give us some time to digest them all.



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