New Music

Listen: Lucy Cliche – New Directions

Something to look forward to: Lucy Cliche, aka Lucy Phelan, aka one half of Half High, Naked on the Vague and Knitted Abyss, is releasing her own record later this year. ‘New Directions’ is one of the most texturally luxurious songs I’ve heard since the last Angel Eyes LP: listen to those ever-so-slightly clipping chimes, and the way they sound stuck somewhere between new age and the minimal score to a 1980s made-for-TV drama. That’s exactly the best sound you can make with any instrument. There’s a bit of an early 4AD mood here as well but it’s goth sans frills and lace, and with a disorienting, hall-of-mirrors wrongness to it. This record is gonna be great, I can feel it.

The record is called Picture Yourself. It was recorded in Belgium and will be out later in 2013.



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