New Music

Listen: TÄX – Bent Spear


On the eve of Lakes’ new LP comes a new TAX track, a Melbourne trio featuring Lakes’ Sean Bailey on vocals, Simon Taylor (also of Lakes, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Gauntlet, Whitehorse) and J.K. Fuller of Zond and Mum Smokes. ‘Bent Spear’ vaguely reminds me of that old, circa-2010 Wasted Truth cassette that Bailey put out, but that’s probably due exclusively to Bailey’s distinctive voice. When Bailey sings “bent spear” it sounds like he’s singing “burn Australia”, which is nifty and how I’d prefer to hear it.

Whatever the case, ‘Bent Spear’ will appear on a forthcoming 7 inch through No Patience Records, due September. We’re all guilty of using the word “apocalyptic” lightly, but where TAX is concerned… yep.



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