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Listen: Barbiturates – Double Happiness


Barbiturates is a Brisbane pop group. They’ve got a debut 10 inch out through Lost Race Records, and it’s refreshingly unlike anything else going on up the east coast at the moment. Their general ‘vibe’ is reminiscent of Go Genre Everything, but ‘Double Happiness’ (embedded below) doesn’t fit that reference perfectly. The synth lines are kinda reminiscent of early ’90s amen breaks DnB, which is the highest praise you can deliver to any band if you’re in my current state of mind.

But then, listen further, and there’s a hint of Hype Williams (the British band) in the untidy manner the vocalist delivers his words, seemingly post-huff of a helium balloon. What ever is happening here, it’s enough to make me want to hear the 10 inch Shades in full. Some more in-depth thoughts on that soon, hopefully.

Barbiturates are playing Happy Fest in Brisbane this July alongside Raw Prawn, Multiple Man and Forces, among others.


One thought on “Listen: Barbiturates – Double Happiness

  1. B) says:

    Amazing description and surprisingly (with clever wording like that I didnt expect it to be any good) great track!


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