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Listen: Black Countach – Incoherent Monologue


Here’s some troubling new analog techno out of Melbourne. Black Countach is a guy by the name of Jacob who, in his own words, produces “stream of consciousness techno, conjured up with plastic analog machines and recorded live deep in the hidden forests of Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs.”

‘Incoherent Monologue’ fits neatly into a growing local sensibility towards neat, unfussy and vaguely discomforting techno. In the latter regard Black Countach feels a little more direct than most: these sounds emanate from a more debased atmosphere than say, the neutral grey worlds of Gardland, but it’s still lacking event and melodrama. It’s ordered but grimy.

This isn’t the only track available – Black Countach’s Soundcloud account has several others. He has a limited edition 12 inch coming soon, pressed by none other than Lindsay Tuc. Black Countach and Lindsay Tuc will perform live in Adelaide on June 28 at Ghost Ships.



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