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Listen: Worng – Meat Mickey Webb


Worng is Melbourne resident Morgan McWaters, who’s probably best known as half of The Emergency, but he also recently collaborated with Fatti Frances on her recent digital-only LP Lie For Me. ‘Meat Mickey Webb’ is on a new Iceage Productions compilation – the third in the label’s The Shape Of Sound series. The CD compilation will release soon in an edition of 100, with an album launch scheduled for June 2 at Discobeans in Melbourne (line-up still to be finalised).

‘Meat Mickey Webb’ is a quiet instrumental piece resembling some of the more forlorn moments on McWater’s 2011 LP Premium Aspirational Lifestyle, a record which explored the modern Australian dream of “the endless recurring day, paranoia over property values [and] peeking over the fence to see what the neighbours are up to.”

More details on the The Shape of Sound Volume 3 compilation shortly.



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