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Listen: Flat Fix – Cerulean Blue


Flat Fix is Castings guy Nick Senger and Cooper Bowman, who you’ll know as the guy that runs Altered States Tapes, among other things (he also sometimes writes for Crawlspace). This duo has been around for a while, but it seems more real now that they’ve got a proper name and a proper, streamable song, albeit just a “rough demo”.

‘Cerulean Blue’ doesn’t sound as rough as that descriptor implies: there’s a tonne of current bands/artists plowing this field, and a lot of them are happy to let their “synth jams” derail, presumably because that’s what gives it an edge over ye olde kosmiche guys. But no, Flat Fix locks in and stays locked in right until the end: even as constellations of slightly distorted and atonal sound appear in the otherwise sleek and ordered vector-scape.

There’s actually a really tantalising proximity with house here, but this track is a little too dirty, sonically, to fit that mould perfectly. Which isn’t to say you couldn’t dance to this, but maybe you’d be better off (and safer) getting drunk and staring at the wall. Very good for a “rough demo”.



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