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Listen: Holy Sissy – United Colours of KL

holysissyHoly Sissy is Jimi Kritzler, best known as a guitarist for Slug Guts and one half of White Hex. That’s him in the picture to the left, looking at a piece of pizza. This solo project takes in a fairly broad range of mostly electronic and sampled sounds, most of which Kritzler has tagged with some form of ‘tropical’ descriptor on Soundcloud. There’s a lot of material to take in, including remixes of Total Control, Circle Pit and HTRK, among others.

The track embedded below is not a remix, but it’s pretty representative of his sound: this is a kind of drugged, palm-lined ’80s cinema excess, with enough discordance frittering the edges to suggest it was made several decades down the track, with the benefit of hindsight. The productions are definitely very rough around the edges, but that contributes to the sense of excess: the 4/4 frames can’t really hold it all in. There’s too much.

More Holy Sissy can be streamed here.



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