New Music

Listen: Jarrod Zlatic’s Mud Brick Couch


Jarrod Zlatic – he of Fabulous Diamonds, Free Choice and the Redundancy label  – has released a couple of digital compositions as Mud Brick Couch. They come in the form of ‘Travel Towel / Travel Mix’ and ‘Travel Towel (Fragments Of…)’, and as those names suggest, they were recorded during an overseas trip.

The first is the more interesting of the two: Jarrod describes it as concerned mostly with “the act of listening”, and it does sound like a vast collection of tangential, unrelated influences have factored into its 17 minute running time. First impressions suggest something close to some of James Ferraro’s late-’00s material (the Jarvid series in particular), with its onslaught of nauseating yet sedative input.

But then ‘Travel Towel (Fragments Of…)’, a series of lightly manipulated field recordings and samples, suggests itself as source material for ‘Travel Mix’. I’m drawing long bows here maybe, but either way they make for an interesting listen, and you can download them for free below.

Zlatic also has tapes forthcoming on Hierodule Editions and Dungeon Taxi, so keep an eye out for those.



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