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Listen: James Rushford & Joe Talia – Manhunter


Manhunter is a new collaborative LP between Melbourne-based artists James Rushford and Joe Talia. Manhunter is actually the duo’s third recording together, and it comes via Kye (they of the brilliant The Bowles and Astor releases).  Rushford is a composer, pianist and improviser who has worked with artists ranging Oren Ambarchi and Anthony Panteras, while Talia is probably best known for playing with Ned Collette and Wirewalker.

The LP at hand is a two-part suite, and the 10 minute sample below is apparently pretty representative of the record’s mood. Departing from the duo’s brighter, more thickly textured early material, Manhunter is… pretty depressing, actually. All manner of wretched, post-apocalyptic imagery could apply, but the cover art is apt enough: damaged photos of your childhood home, long since destroyed.

Kye doesn’t have a web presence that I can find, but Manhunter can be purchased here.


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