New Music

Listen: Four Door – Live Drive


If you’re familiar with the very early collaborations between Matthew Hopkins and Jonathan Hochman, you’ll know they work very well in longform. ‘Live Drive’ is a recording set for cassette release some time in the near future, and it comprises ‘live in the studio’ renditions/versions of tracks from the duo’s forthcoming Nihilistic Orbs 12 inch and a forthcoming Siberia Records 7 inch split with D.C.M. They’ve also got some tunes scheduled for release through Home Loan Records, presumably on vinyl.

The mix includes the previously featured ‘Meeting Rooms’ as well as a slew of other evocatively titled tracks including ‘Moods’, ‘Claim’, ‘Applications’, ‘Refresh It’, ‘Unknown’ and ‘Moods’, in that order. Check it out.



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