New Music

Listen: Andras Fox’s forthcoming 12″ on Home Loan Records


Melbourne producer Andras Fox has a new 12 inch coming on Michael Ozone‘s Home Loan Records, and ahead of its late May release the label has uploaded a sample of each of the record’s four tracks. It follows a pretty busy 2012 for Fox, with the release of his single Your Life and a collaborative EP with Sydney songwriter Sui Zhen.

Judging from the short samples, the record at hand isn’t as forthright as Your Life: the first track proceeds like some muted new age interstitial TV jingle, and it sounds like Michael Ozone’s affection for chintzy synthetic flutes has rubbed off a bit. But then elements of G-funk and house pop up in later tracks so it appears to be a mixed bag. It’s probably wise to hold off saying anything else until I hear the songs properly. Very suave, for whatever that’s worth.



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