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Listen: Fatti Frances – Lie For Me


Here’s a strange development: the Fatti Frances LP we were talking about a little while back has been abandoned. Well, abandoned in a fashion: writing on her Facebook page, Ms. Fatti said that since she’s moved on artistically, she’s lost all desire to give it a proper release. As a result, she’s put it up as a download on her Bandcamp page, aka the “abyss of the internet,” and judging from a cursory listen (I still haven’t let it sink in properly) it’s better than the new Strokes album, which was recently released to widespread critical adulation and is currently streaming on Spotify, where millions will listen while posting images of Jack Nicholson (along with pithy / hilarious made up quotes) on Tumblr. There is no justice in the world – it’s working directly against your interests. Just know that.

Anyway, Lie For Me was recorded with WORNG guy Morgan McWaters, and was meant to get an LP release some time this year, according to formerly accurate sources. All we can do now is listen to this and wonder what FF is writing to replace it.



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