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Listen: Goodgrief Commune – Bottles and Awful News


Rough-as-guts but mysteriously tranquil free-noise outliers Goodgrief Commune have just reissued their 2011 triple cassette album An Eventual History of Longue Duress. The group, which features members of The Cross Brothers, Mum Smokes and Snawklor, were actually based in Melbourne from what I understand, but all of the core members hail from the heavily mythologised shores of Tasmania. I somehow missed this upon its initial release in 2011, but Endless Melt has reissued it in the form of a double CD package.

It’s a surprisingly varied collection, ranging from the lazily wiped out mess of ‘Bottles and Awful News’ (embedded below), through to inadvertently pretty moments such as ‘Arrival at the River’s Edge’. Poised between free jazz and freer noise, the group isn’t afraid to lock into something almost resembling rock ‘n roll at times, lending a sense of event and levity to the otherwise staunchly loose affair. Check it out.


One thought on “Listen: Goodgrief Commune – Bottles and Awful News

  1. Jensen Tjhung says:

    This is my favourite story about Duncan.
    I mail-ordered the GGC from the Endless Melt site when it was “released”, a couple of years ago. It took a little longer to arrive in the post than I expected. But it was worth the wait- a triple cassette release, the three tapes stuck together with double-sided tape, a blurred out psych journey featuring gold-class bedroom free-jazz (via Preston) personnel, all glitter and honk and make-believe wisdom. I loved it. The next time I saw Duncan, he said:
    “Sorry it took a little longer to get to you, it took me ages to make the tape..”
    “Yeah” I said, “the covers look great…”
    “Nah,” he interjected- “the covers were easy, I dubbed all the tapes myself, at home- it took forever!!”
    That’s 6 sides of recorded music, dubbed in realtime- and knowing Uncy Dunc, he would have sat and watched the meter for most of it. So I asked him how many copies he had sold-
    “One. Just to you. I’ve got the other one”.

    Turns out a few days later, he was out n about and a mate of his tried to place an order– Duncan just exploded on him: “Like HELL, NO WAY!, I’m not going through that again! No fucking WAY!! It’s not for sale”. Within a week, he’d ripped it off the site altogether. And they reckon the trauma of reproduction isn’t felt by males.


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