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Listen: Lindsay Tuc – The Flâneur EP


If you’ve been meaning to listen to Melbourne minimal techno producer Lindsay Tuc but haven’t managed to get a hold of one of his very obscenely limited records yet, here’s an opportunity to listen to over an hour of previously unreleased material. It comes in the form of The Flaneur, a name-your-price digital album that comprises “exerts from Feb/March 2013’s live hardware sets, plus a couple tracks with some extra added love”. It’s also getting a super limited 2LP picture disc release in May, of course, through Tuc’s own Cut Records.

The immediate highlight here is ‘Birds of Play’ (embedded below): it has an almost Drexciyan sub-aquatic dreaminess to it, and it’s a nice place to get your bearings before taking the rest of The Flaneur in. There’s a fair bit of ground covered here, but the atmosphere generally evokes an IKEA-esque (!) obsession with order and restraint. Lindsay Tuc rarely makes a ‘splash’, opting instead for muted textures atop carefully wrought and deceivingly ornate 4/4s. As always, we’re keen to hear when Tuc goes next.


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