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Listen: Asger Jorn – Function/Relation

asgerjornAsger Jorn is Sydney-based producer Josh Leenaars. I saw him perform at Fitz Fest a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty sweet, so it’s nice to stumble across some of his recorded material. Leenaar’s moves, on the evidence of ‘Function/Relation’, recall some of the recent Deepchord records, which themselves are indebted to the more plaintive work of Basic Channel. Still, Asger Jorn has a more naturalistic approach to atmosphere: it’s less foreboding and aggressively modern, and a lot prettier.

As far as I can tell Asger Jorn has yet to release anything physically. There’s a few older productions available on his Bandcamp page, which are worth checking out. In the meantime, listen to this and browse the Fuck Yeah Brutalism blog.



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