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Listen: Ausmuteants – Red Bellied Black Snake

ausmuteantsThis Geelong band almost passed me by completely, but thanks to a live stream of 4zzz’s Underground Australiana on Wednesday afternoon I heard the song ‘Spit on the Cat’, which piqued my interest because a) it seemed unnecessarily rude and b) because it was good. The four piece channel a sensible mix of nonchalant post-punk mixed with a very… chalant (?) touch of garage. Synths glide over the gravelly, jangly mess, and the singer makes noises over the top. It’s probably harder than it sounds!

They have a new 7 inch out through Heinous Anus, the Sydney-based label which released the Ghastly Spats single last year. It’s available now, apparently, so go to the shop if you want it. ‘Spit on the Cat’ isn’t streaming anywhere, so you’ll have to settle for ‘Red Bellied Black Snake’, which is almost as good.



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