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Listen: André – Too Much Talk LP


Here are the facts: the guy’s name is André. Too Much Talk was recorded in his Mum’s shed. He had no money and no other place to stay, so he recorded this album with a four-track, a nylon guitar, a Casiotone and a drum machine. When you’ve got no money and you’re staying at your Mum’s house, you feel pretty miserable. Hence, this album sounds pretty miserable, but it’s very pretty as well, sometimes. André’s voice is very matter-of-fact, and his songs deal in facts. Things that happen, laid out rather explicitly. He doesn’t overwrite.

This was actually released in 2011, but Why Don’t You Believe Me? has reissued it as a CD and a digital download. Hopefully our friend André has sorted out his living arrangements and scraped together some coins. He probably won’t ever afford to buy a house unless he becomes a banker, though. Sorry Andre.



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