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Listen: Point The Bone – Virtue EP

pointthebonePoint The Bone is the working name for Leichhardt producer Joram Toth. Toth’s first self-titled EP released in November 2011, but I hadn’t heard his work until now, with the release of his new Virtue EP. The EP comprises of five tracks that range from elegiacal, slightly melodramatic minimal electronic pieces (‘Virtue’) through to quieter and harshly lit vocal-driven productions like ‘In Droves’. There’s a bleakness that pervades the tracks that is reminiscent of otherwise busy pedestrian thoroughfares at 4:30am in the morning: streets populated by tired drunks, teary comedowns and crestfallen shift workers waiting for the first train home. It’s nighttime in the city but there’s no revelry anymore. This is where we pay on our way out.

Point The Bone apparently expands into a two-piece in a live setting with the addition of a guitarist, but listening to Virtue it’s difficult to imagine where that instrument would fit in this equation. “Most tracks start as longer experimental synth and drum machine jams which I then reduce down to something with a bit of structure, while still trying to maintain a loose and evolving vibe,” Toth replied when I emailed. Have a listen and see what you think.



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