New Music

Listen: Thomas William – Boy Sauvage

cleptoclecticsThomas William, for the old hats among you, used to work under the name Cleptoclectics. The Sydney producer has been known as Thomas William for a while now and a lot of the material has been great, most notably a recent collaboration with Scissor Lock. His recent material has a fairly unorthodox approach to rhythm, as demonstrated by ‘Boy Sauvage’ below: it’s constantly threatening to lock into something resembling a hip-hop beat, and while it’s cogent and movable, it’s also liable to put you on edge – it basically demands to be listened to actively.

The sounds here seem to share more in common with the kind of furrow-browed electronic sculptors you might associate with a label like 12k, which sits oddly yet effectively with the typewriter-return erraticness of the beats themselves. But enough of my profound prose – just have a listen.



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