Watch: Deadshits 2010 festival documentary


Here’s a charmingly rough and candid documentary about the inaugural Deadshits festival, an annual Brisbane event run by Joe Alexander of Bedroom Suck records. The video at hand was directed by media magnate Matt Kennedy, operator of Eternal Soundcheck which includes a label, radio show, video blog, and soon-to-be webstore. He also plays in Kitchen’s Floor. The doco features a recurring conversation with Everett True, who played on the day with the Deadnotes, as well as footage of Young Romantix, Bitch Prefect, Meat Thump, Cured Pink and more. The latter artist puts in a sterling performance. Check out that hundred yard stare.

Here’s what Kennedy has to say about it:

“‘Deadshits’ was a small music festival held in Brisbane on the 5th and 6th of November, 2010. This footage was thought to be lost but was recently found in a damp box and compiled into this short documentary. It is incomplete in that only four of the bands that played the festival are featured and I would not call it a complete representation of the event.”



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