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Listen: new Pimmon split cassette

PimmonDeepMagicPreservation has a new split cassette series in the offing, and the first batch features Sydney artist Pimmon alongside California’s Deep Magic. Entitled Contrasts, the series “features a veteran of a particular style with a more recent artist of the form”. Other team ups include Loren Connors with Chris Forsyth, and JD Emmanuel with Evan Caminiti.

I’m not very familiar with Deep Magic, but I’m guessing Pimmon is the veteran in this instance. For anyone who’s seen Paul Gough perform recently (or indeed, over the last couple of years) you’ll probably have noted a more progressive and diverse mode of operation, in contrast to a lot of the single tone drone that tends to prevail. Pimmon goes from beautiful to nasty with the flick of a switch. It’s pretty scary live, actually. The sample below doesn’t give you a solid idea of where he’s heading (it’s the first three minutes of a twenty minute track), but you’ll probably want to snap this up anyway. Just to find out.


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