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Listen: Kellua – Overfolds

kelluaKellua is another project by Melbourne-based artist Simon Gardam, who also records as TRJAEU. Kellua is a quieter and more abstract take on the electronics that pulsed through TRJAEU’s 2012 LP Heights Peaks: the song structures have receded and the organic elements have taken a breather, leaving some very evocative and cosmic airs in their wake.

I say airs, because there’s something about Kellua’s short, expressionist tracks that reminds me of Loren Connors’ similarly short and improvised guitar performances. Connors named these brief episodes “airs” for their status as a kind of roughshod response to a mood – and that’s what the tracks on Overfolds resemble: short, incredibly potent bursts of immense creative and emotional energy.

There are some longer tracks too – such as the unusually robust ‘Roaming’, with its aquatic percussion and carousel-like melodies – but no matter the duration the pieces maintain the feeling of sadly attempting to bottle a mood that can only inevitably pass. On the bright side: this is a free release, so you’d be absolutely off chop not to download it right now. It’s on Fallopian Tunes.



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