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Watch: Forces – Overland (In My Mind)

forcesCryptic use of Japanese numerals for futuristic effect isn’t the sole province of Tokyo Ghetto Pussy! Melbourne duo Forces do it as well in this new clip for ‘Overland (In My Mind)’. The clip follows a digital single late last year in the form of ‘World in Focus‘, along with news that the group’s debut 12 inch is now available through Siberia Records. It feels like Forces might become a big deal, at least in terms of making more of a mainstream splash than you’d ever reasonably hope for a band that first emerged on Nihilistic Orbs. This track was mastered by Kim Moyes from The Presets, and there’s probably a few vague parallels to be drawn between that group and Forces.

Still, this track puts me in mind of ye olde Severed Heads, and the clip has a slightly eerie multimedia demo-reel quality to it. Even the real world locations have a strange sense of virtual emptiness about them, like the edges haven’t quite loaded; the textures popping erroneously. An empty virtual map waiting to be populated, or designed. I’m going to try to pin them down for an interview soon.



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