New Music

Listen: M.O.B. – Australien

mobalienIf you ask me, M.O.B. is one of the most interesting new Sydney bands, despite the fact I haven’t caught the duo live yet. As we’ve mentioned previously, M.O.B. is the duo of Al from Whores and Yuta from Oily Boys. Together they make fetid synth-driven noise rock. ‘Australien’ sounds like a phalanx of special effects harpies marching (or floating) to their deaths. This is their national (or global) anthem, and it is a song about war.

This is a bit more aggressive than the track we’ve heard before, but overall, it paints a pretty grim/awesome picture of what the duo has in store for us, assuming they ever release something. They’re playing at the Hollywood Hotel in Sydney on Sunday arvo with Club Sound Witches, so I’ll finally get a chance to check them out.



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