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Listen: B. Deep – Dropout EP

bdeepB. Deep is the solo project of Louis from Whipped Cream Chargers. It’s nothing like that band, though. Instead, it’s a strange and almost oppressively colourful patische of… well, many things. There’s a strong ‘witch haus’ vibe here, but it’s not very dark, and the usual rNb inclinations associated with that sound are kept pretty firmly in check. Instead, there’s hints of industrial, early ’90s rave, and even some tracks that sound like a kinda sullied Cafe Del Mar record (seriously!).

As a result, Dropout can be a pretty jarring listen from start to finish, but as long as you’re not relaxing with a copy of Cancer Ward while listening, or something, you should manage. The track below is an immediate highlight, recalling Love’s Secret Domain-era Coil in some ways. You can stream and download the whole album here.


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