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Listen: Wonderfuls – Pilot Green

wonderfulsSince releasing one of the best albums of 2012 in the form of Salty Town, Wonderfuls have continued to upload the odd track to both Soundcloud and Bandcamp; tracks that continue the quieter trajectory they established with that release. I promised a review late last year after calling it my favourite record of 2012, but a wider release keeps getting promised (an LP, following a criminally short run of 50 CD-Rs) and I think that’d be a better time to dump my thoughts here – when others have the opportunity to let it sink in.

But whatever, the appeal of Wonderfuls is pretty immediate and obvious when you listen to ‘Pilot Green’, one of the highlights of the recent non-album tracks to go public. It’s not as violently bleak as some of the material on the album, opting instead for a more resigned and placid approach that is probably better absorbed on a sad weekday morning than at 4am after your fifteenth whiskey.



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