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Listen: Tornado Wallace – Thinking Allowed

tornadowallaceTornado Wallace – aka Melbourne’s Lewie Day – apparently has quite the reputation as a DJ in his hometown, but we’ve been quite oblivious to it thanks in the main to longneck rock, and it being the right season/temperature for it. Not any more! Tornado Wallace has a new EP coming soon on ESP Institute, which is the label that brought us Michael Ozone’s great Perfect Systems 12 inch. Titled Thinking Allowed, it’s a three track 12 inch with bliss figuratively written all over it. Beautifully shiny techno-meets-house that trades in neat, aquatic arpeggios and crisp 4/4s.

The ESP Institute site doesn’t have this for sale yet, but it looks like it’ll be out “soon”, according to the artist’s Soundcloud page. Tornado Wallace is also playing the Melbourne Boiler Room on January 27 with fellow Crawlspace favourites Zanzibar Chanel and Roland Tings, as well as Andras Fox, and Naysayer & Gilsun.

The Soundcloud embed below features lengthy samples from each of the three tracks on Thinking Allowed.



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