Crawlspace 2013: a list of forthcoming music


Welcome to 2013. It’s another year, that much we can say with confidence. Aside from that we know absolutely nothing. The future is a total silence. It’s an impenetrable black. Maybe Reece Mastin will do a heartfelt cover of Wonderfuls’ ‘North‘. Maybe Dro Carey will release a dozen digital LPs. Maybe a rich philanthropist will build the Tatlin Tower on an island in Dubai. Maybe a semi-popular ’90s indie rock band will reform. We just don’t know.

We’re confident that the releases below will come out though, because in most cases we heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s not an exhaustive list, but if you email crawlspacemag [at] gmail [dot] com with relevant, verifiable information, we will add it to the list.


Bedwettin’ Bad Boys – Ready For Boredom LP (RIP Society) 14th
Cross Brothers – Live at Rat Palace CS (Endless Melt)
Cuntz – Aloha LP (Homeless) 3rd
Document Swell – Lost Steam CS (Fallopian Tunes)
Garbage and the Flowers – Eyes Rind As If Beggars LP reissue (Fire Records) 21st
Home Run – Highlights From The Game Vol. 1 CS (WDYBM)
Love Chants – 4 track EP (Quemada Records)
No Guru – There’s No Guru LP (Hashramaudioconcern) “Late January”
Raw Prawn – None Left 7″ (RIP Society) 14th
Various Artists – Ferrets CS (Grog Pappy)
Various Artists – Rough End of the Stick LP (Vacant Valley)


Actual Holes – Almost Nothing CS (Endless Melt)
Angel Eyes – Final Fare LP (Bedroom Suck) – 1st
Big Yawn – Hash Matters CD (Fallopian Tunes)
Eastlink – Wild Dog 7″ (Aarght)
Exhaustion – Future Eaters LP (Aarght)
Greg Boring – Heavy Syrup LP (Critical Heights) 11th
Harmony – Do Me A Favour 7″ (Solar/Sonar) 1st
Moon Wheel – s/t CS (Not Not Fun) “early Feb”
The Mermaids – Calming Shit 3xCD-R (Grog Pappy)
Multiple Man – CS (self-released) mid-Feb
Ooga Boogas – Ooga Boogas LP (Aarght)
Superstar – A Toast To… LP (Bedroom Suck) – 1st


#459 – s/t CS (Self-released)
Barbiturates – Barbiturates CS (Lost Race)
Cured Pink – 7″ (Black Petal)
Deep Heat – New Design 10″ (Poison City) – 29th
Electric Gamelan – CS (Endless Melt)
Hollow Press – Remixes CD-R (Self-released)
Loomer – Ceiling LP (Lost Race)


Goodgrief Commune – x2CD (Endless Melt)
Prudence Rees-Lee – Court Music from the Planet of Love 12″ (Special Award Records)

Some time in 2013

Amateur Childbirth – LP “Around July”
Amateur Childbirth – 7″ (Disembraining Machine)
Mark Barrage CS (Endless Melt)
Brainbeau – 7″ (Disembraining Machine)
Castings – Punk Rock Is Bunk Squawk LP reissue (Negative Guest List)
Circular Keys – LP
The Dacios – Monkeys Blood LP (Homeless) “Mar/Apr”
Feet Teeth – CS (HelloSquare)
Fig. – Here Comes The Bird 7″ (Eternal Soundcheck) “May/June”
Fourth World Beaks – CS (Endless Melt) “May”
Half High – lathe cut 7″ (Altered States Tapes)
Harmony – Carpetbombing LP (Solar/Sonar)  “August”
Headcleaner – No Truth 7″ reissue (Solar/Sonar) “September”
Hobart Improv Collective – Mount Wellington LP “first half of 2013”
Iceage Productions – The Shape of Sound Volume 3 (Iceage Productions)
Love of Diagrams – LP “September”
Low Life – Dogging LP (Negative Guest List)
Making – LP (self-released) “Around July)
Dan Melchior – K-85 LP (Homeless)
Night Terrors – Back to Zero 2LP (Homeless) “March / April”
Oranj Punjabi – lathe 7″ (Altered States Tapes)
Per Purpose – Circle The Stains (mid-year)
Prehistoric’ Fuckin Moron – CS (Altered States Tapes)
Rule of Thirds – s/t 7″ (Video Disease + No Patience) “March/April”
Snawklor – CS (Endless Melt) “May”
The Stabs – Dirt (Homeless) “Feb/Mar”
The Stabs – Dead Wood (Homeless) “Feb/Mar”
Ulsers – Remember Them 7″ (Wallaby Beat)
Ulsers – Forget Them LP (Wallaby Beat)
VDO – CS (Altered States Tapes)
Worng – CS
Worng / Fatti Frances collaboration
Yolke – Syrup


5 thoughts on “Crawlspace 2013: a list of forthcoming music

  1. A J says:

    You mention Big Yawn Hash Matters twice in Feb.
    Good list, will you keep it updated through the year? Would be a nice authoritative resource to refer back to.


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