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Listen: Extrafoxx – Fanatic Rail

extrafoxxcover-327x500Extrafoxx is the vehicle of Brisbane songwriter Conwae Burrell. He released an LP, The Saddest, in 2010 through Bedroom Suck Records, followed by what is curiously dubbed a “debut self-titled studio album” in 2011. It’s true that The Saddest was rough fidelity-wise, but it ought not be relegated to non-existence! The official Extrafoxx website is pretty weird too, populated as it is by a press release that describes Extrafoxx as having “a uniquely engaging stage presence and quirky songwriting style that has captivated indie enthusiasts Australia-wide”, but don’t file it next to other wide-regarded “quirky” indie songwriters, because Extrafoxx is pretty decent.

Anyway, Burrell isn’t considered a genius because of his cataloging and having-a-website skills, he’s considered a genius for his songwriting. He has a new cassette through Albert’s Basement called Love Is God, which is also available as a CD-R via Brisbane label Unique Beautiful Flowers. ‘Fanatic Rail’ features on it, and you can have a listen below.


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