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Listen: Red Red Krovvy – Vomit Drunk

redredkrovvyLooking back, it’s been a pretty classy week on Crawlspace. Adult, even. As an antidote, here’s a song by Red Red Krovvy, a Cairns-born three-piece featuring members of Bedwettin’ Bad Boys and Pop Singles. The song embedded below is a righteously ugly conceptual piece about vomiting while drunk (probably). We’ve all been there, so it should be something we can all relate to as patriotic/self-hating Australians. A guy once emailed me about these guys (he wasn’t from the band fyi) and described it as “thrashy, 1 minute surgary alcohol hypo-energy punk, sweaty and thin.” He even called “Adam” a mongrel.

The Krovvs, as the affectionate Cairns-folk probably called them, have a demo cassette available right now. It contains songs such as ‘You Suck’ (not a cover of the Yeastie Girls) and ‘Sleaze’. Not sure there’s an actual online outlet you can buy from, but their Soundcloud page points you towards an email address, so if you’re a fan of longneck rock (n. rock music best enjoyed while consuming beer from a large bottle), email it.


One thought on “Listen: Red Red Krovvy – Vomit Drunk

  1. Ben says:

    Upcoming rock shows
    NYE 2012 Melb w/ Limp Wrist
    Jan ’18 Syd The Square
    Jan ’19 Bris Primitive Room

    other bands playing every show too.


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