New Music

Listen: Tuff Sherm – Shrapnel Maestro

Following the release of Tuff Sherm’s debut 12 inch earlier this month comes a new digital full-length in the form of Shrapnel Maestro, which is available now for $2. Tuff Sherm is quickly becoming the most prolific vehicle in the Dro Carey eco-system, traveling a more linear, 4/4 driven slipstream. In the words of the man himself, this outing demonstrates a jazzier inclination. I don’t know much about jazz so I’ll take his word for it.

If Dro Carey is more your bag, there’s a rather incredible grime 12 out just now through Templar Sound featuring MC Mercy Ace on vocals. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the first time an MC has applied himself to Dro’s productions since that Trim collaboration back in 2011 (which is a millennium ago at the rate this guy produces music). It really does feel like 2012 is/was the year of Eugene Ward, but let’s not get too carried away because who knows what 2013 will bring. Probably more than can feasibly be digested, I’d wager.



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