New Music

Listen: Oily Boys – Demos

Not 100% clued into who Oily Boys are, but I think they feature former members of Lansdowne-rioters Taipan, and a member from MOB. They’re from Sydney and they play fast rock ‘n roll music with lots of screaming. Judging by the name, I kinda expected this to be another relaxed group of guys singing about the dole or something, but no! Real, tangible angst here. Pain and suffering. Or so it sounds, but the vocals are fairly indecipherable. Whatever the case, it’s very rough and quite pleasant to the senses. They’ve just released a cassette demo, tactically named Demo, and three of the songs are embedded below.

The band is playing in Sydney tonight with Bedwettin’ Bad Boys and Sucks at Black Snag, which is a classy name for upstairs at the Friend in Hand in Glebe. Go along, if only to determine whether Oily Boys are the next Gotye. I’ll be there hanging with my friends Richard Kingsmill, Michael Chugg, and Larry Emdur.



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