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Watch: Zanzibar-Chanel & The Dungeon Masters – Feel My Power

This new Zanzibar-Chanel clip features expensive pieces of analog musical equipment being crushed underfoot, and people looking pretty cool at a bedroom disco. ‘Feel My Power’ is a very suss-sounding house track that isn’t made any less… uh, suss-er for the frequent references to dungeons. But I guess that depends on your attitude towards dungeons.

Zanzibar-Chanel is the work of “Zac” and Luis-Crans Lawrence, who also produces under the name Baba-X. They’re actually playing in Sydney this weekend, at the Red Rattler on December 1 as part of Gaylordz – Gaylienz. There’s a new 12 inch coming through Ruff Records early next year. In the meantime, revel in the sordid glory of ‘Feel My Power’. The clip is directed by Liam Osborne, who is responsible for that Synthetic Texxxture stuff we posted about a while ago.


4 thoughts on “Watch: Zanzibar-Chanel & The Dungeon Masters – Feel My Power

  1. zac says:

    thanks for the nice review! we stayed up all night huffing amyl and this is what happened, you might also recognise liam from the band FLESH WORLD…. RUFF RECORD$$$$ BABYYYYYYYYYYYYY YEH. nice to meet you shaun prescott 🙂


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