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Listen: Danny McGirr – Sanguine Clock Obsolete

Danny McGirr is probably best known for being half of Wonderfuls, the Brisbane duo we interviewed last week that has just released an excellent new CD-R called Salty Town. McGirr is the guy that doesn’t appear on either of the Wonderfuls album covers. He’s responsible for most of the instrumentation in that duo to my knowledge, and under his own name he creates depressive instrumental music that will be immensely pleasing to anyone already fond of Salty Town.

McGirr has just released a limited edition CD-R called Sanguine Clock Obsolete, which compiles twenty tracks recorded between 2006 and 2009. If you’re unsure, there are four songs you can download for free on his Bandcamp page, and there’s an impressive amount of ground covered across those tracks: the quieter moments like ‘Fall Through Silence’ are punctured by dustier, more distorted numbers like ‘Entwine’ (embedded below). I implore you to check it out.



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