New Music

Listen: K Wilson – Trails

It’s not immediately appealing on paper: one guy with an electric guitar making ambient music. There are tonnes of guys doing exactly this all over the world, right this very moment, and Australia is home to a couple of legends in this field (Oren Ambarchi, Seaworthy, etc.) so it’s easy to be suspicious of newcomers. Noodling on an electric in the name of ambient is a common pastime.

So it’s surprising that this K Wilson fellow actually makes gorgeous music. He resides in Western Australia, and uses found sounds as well (wildcard!). He’s just released an EP on Wood & Wire, which you can download for free, and the track below opens proceedings. The template is a familiar one – a single repeated “riff” and some burgeoning ambience – but there’s a strange rhythmic ascent that renders the whole operation quite dramatic, quite eerie. Find out for yourself. It’s pretty good.



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