New Music

Listen: UV Race – Be Your Self

There are days when I’m walking to the station listening to UV Race, and I just know in the bottom of my calloused heart that they’re one of the greatest rock bands Australia has ever produced. They just speak to me. Tomes worth of detail could be dribbled as to why, but that’s for another time (and it will come, so start drinking now). Right now, it’s time to listen to / watch an offering from their new LP Racism.

Racism is a pretty provocative title. Coupled with Straightjacket Nation’s abrasively-titled Nationalism 7 from earlier this year, and given the shared Dan Stewart connection, it’s almost like a shield against middlebrow, Twitter-sphere little L liberalism. No enjoyment here, ye who sip lattes and worship Steve Jobs! No vindication here, ye who avidly subscribe to TED talks!

But then you listen and it’s just… beautiful. The Autonomy and Deliberation soundtrack is releasing soon as well, so save. UV Racism is out on November 15. Local record stores will have it if they’re worth your patronage / not a niche drone/ambient/experimental store. Also, thanks to Polaroids of Androids for the heads up.



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