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Listen: Tuff Sherm – Pharmacy

Pharmacy isn’t the only new release Eugene Ward, aka Tuff Sherm, aka Dro Carey, has out this week. While Pharmacy is a physical 12 inch released via Trilogy Tapes, he’s also released a brand new digital-only EP under his Dro Carey name. There’s a lot of data to digest here, and I’m having trouble presenting it in a linear fashion, so just bear with us.

The new Dro Carey EP is called Westernzone. On his Facebook page, Mr DC explains that it’s meant to sound like if Stalker was set in Western Australia. You can purchase it for two bucks here.

Back to the topic at hand, Pharmacy is the first proper vinyl release for Tuff Sherm, the more rhythmically-straightforward project of Dro’s. As he told us in an interview, there have been cassettes, but Pharmacy feels like a real stepping up: there are elements reminiscent of Shackleton’s less step-infused material, but listen to when the snare kicks in here, and I bet you didn’t expect it to be right there, where it is. Anyway, have a listen.



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