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Listen: Wonderfuls – Freezing Cold

Wonderfuls is a Brisbane duo consisting Bobby Bot (or Robert Vagg) and Danny McGirr. According to their bio, Wonderfuls was formed “shortly after Bobby was released from a relapse stint at the local psych ward [during] 2003-2004”. They released a 7 inch on Negative Guest List Records last year, and have just issued a live recording through Breakdance the Dawn, which we’ll review shortly. Bobby Bot also plays in Kitchen’s Floor, if you need a little bit of context.

The topic at hand is Wonderfuls’ Salty Town EP though, which is breathtakingly sad downer pop: bereft and hopeless, and glazed with a kinda dreamy autumnal patina. It’s just beautiful, frankly, but in a discomforting and broken way. I’m kinda stunned. The Negative Guest List 7 inch is great, but this is entirely different.

Some of the material on the new Breakdance the Dawn CD-R sounds like Jandek tuned to EADGBE, but this Salty Town is comparatively orthodox: chiming guitar melodies, tonnes of reverb and chorus, and a mood stuck somewhere between Death in June and Galaxie 500. It’s being issued on vinyl in December with five previously unreleased tracks. We’ll live Tweet the news as it comes to hand. Listen to all five tracks on the Wonderfuls Bandcamp.



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