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Listen: Breathing Shrine & Scattered Order – The Artificial Sympathetic Eye

This is a weird recording, not least because it’s meant to be a collab between Breathing Shrine and Scattered Order. Listen to it, and you can’t help but feel like Scattered Order is missing in action a bit here, but maybe they’re working in puppy frequencies that I cannot register anymore. I wouldn’t put it past the crazy bastards. But meditate on the dynamic for a little while, and you’ll probably realise that you don’t actually know what it is Scattered Order are meant to do.

Either way, the whole idea of this collaboration is immensely appealing, combining as it does the staunchly *physical* sway of a metal-influenced duo (Breathing Shrine) with one of this country’s most important and enduring post-punk groups. Scattered Order still kinda operate like they’re trying to figure stuff out, which is an utterly amazing thing. Several years ago I wrote a negative review of their “comeback album”, and I still immensely regret my response to it. Not because I’ve discovered that the record is incredible, but more because, nowadays, Scattered Order seems more like a process. They’re experimental in the purest sense of the term: always willing to see what will happen. Sometimes you want it, other times you don’t. Either way, they’ve got guts, and this is waaay out of their (from my point of view) comfort zone. Meanwhile, your Dad loves the new Wire LP because it reminds him of his youth.

‘The Artificial Sympathetic Eye’ is from a new tape through Second Language, which also features soothing sonic outings from Constant Light, Dark Monolith and Seaworthy. I haven’t heard the whole thing, but anything with the words Seaworthy, Order and Scattered is usually worth listening to, so… yeah, go forth and buy.


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