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Listen: No Anchor – Anna

This song was reportedly inspired by No Anchor’s desire to write a song like Elastica and Weezer. Not really sure I can get on board with that (Elastica, maybe. Weezer… nup) but thankfully the attempt to be concise and “songy” has been run through a No Anchor filter, which results in a song that is not even vaguely catchy. So either it’s an utter failure or the (no doubt patented) No Anchor filter is clogged with grease.

Once my friend decided that she’d make some marijuana cookies. She got halfway through the process but then decided it was all too much effort, so she refrigerated the “weed butter” for a later date. Deciding a week later that she’d never actually make the cookies, she proceeded to eat the butter, because even though you make weed cookies with leaf… even leaf can’t go to waste. Maybe that’s similar to what happened when No Anchor applied themselves to writing a song like Weezer. Whatever the case, I’m glad they lacked the stamina/good-judgement to see that hassle through. ‘Anna’ is all the better for it.

‘Anna’ is from a forthcoming No Anchor LP called The Golden Bridge, which is due in November.



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