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Listen: Blank Realm – Cleaning Up My Mess

Blank Realm’s new record is coming soon. Initially scheduled for an October release, it’s been pushed back to November, so there’s probably a tonne of Diehard Fans scraping the nether-regions of the internet for answers. We have answers to nothing, but we do have a song from Go Easy – the forthcoming album through Bedroom Suck and Siltbreeze – that you probably haven’t heard before. It’s called ‘Cleaning Up My Mess’, and it’s yet another minor departure for a band that revels in never doing the same thing twice. If you’ve been following them since the ye olde Music Your Mind Will Love You days, you’ll know what I mean.

Most will take it for granted, but be forewarned/fore-tantalised that this track isn’t totally representative of what Go Easy will deliver. The Brisbane group like to take you on a journey. Just drink it in. If you want to buy the mp3s instead of wait for Physical Product, do it here.



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