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Listen: Torrents of new Dro Carey

Crawlspace really needs a sub-domain dedicated to Dro Carey, and perhaps also a work experience minor to track it all on a daily basis (three days a week for three months! Learn about The Industry! Establish an unaccountable fondness for Ball Park Music!). It’s true that we’re tempted to cover everything he uploads but we can’t feasibly do it, but this new “content drop” has the whiff of newsworthy about it. Readers beware though, if you have trouble keeping up with the DC eco-system (Dro Carey, Tuff Sherm, Fad TMB), this definitely isn’t going to make it easier.

Vault Raider Vol. 1 is a collection of previously unreleased (!) tracks by Dro Carey, and judging by some of the material there’s some pretty old stuff here. Mood-wise, its posture is more “watching Friends on the couch” than the comparatively straight-backed and tense stuff he’s been doing of late. Whatever the case, it’s all on his new Bandcamp page, and it costs a mere buck. Which is about 100% more than he expects you to pay for torrents of new material on his Soundcloud page, but cut the guy some slack and shout him a bag of cobbers. He deserves it.

He’s also playing the OutsideIn festival in Sydney on November 10, which also features HTRK and Holy Balm, among some other artists of international repute. It’s right near my place so I’ll probably go.



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