New Music

Listen: Nite Fields – Hell/Happy

Very serious new song from Brisbane group Nite Fields, who released a split 7 inch with Happy New Year all the way back in late 2011. This too is from a 7 inch, due for release on November 17 at the Lost Race festival in Brisbane, which is run by the label that’s putting this out. Slap me hard if this doesn’t ring true with you, but on this track Nite Fields sound a lot like MIA Sydney group Rand & Holland*. I’m sure there are a bunch of shoegaze comparisons you could make too, but I don’t really listen to that stuff (except Flying Saucer Attack, who are the greatest).

This Lost Race Festival looks pretty good. If you’re in Brisbane on November 17 you should go. You’ll be able to catch Blank Realm, Four Door, Secret Birds, and the viscerally titled Greg Boring, as well as Nite Fields. You can get tickets here.

* Rand & Holland have a new record coming out soon apparently, and I hear it’s brutal.



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