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Listen: Go Genre Everything – Everyday Robots

There are a bunch of people I know who swear by Go Genre Everything. No one ever feels ambivalent about them, which is a very beautiful thing. Less beautiful is that they aren’t very prolific, but then, ubiquity leads to ambivalence and that is not an emotion that Go Genre Everything is associated with.

Case in point: I had a guy email me about this track. He wasn’t from the band, nor the label Vacant Valley, but still he wrote that this new 7 inch is “the best local release of the year” followed by italicised song lyrics penned by Go Genre Everything. He probably sat there and typed them out himself, all starry-eyed and giddy. Is this guy a sicko? No, he’s just in love. Thanks, buddy.

Anyway, the 7 inch is called Domestic Dreams and Robots and you can purchase through Vacant Valley and probably your local Chandlers. The track below is called ‘Everyday Robots’. Go forth and click.



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