Watch: Brisbane 2012 Documentary

Remember that documentary we mentioned a couple of weeks back about Brisbane’s weird music scene? Well now you can watch it in its entirety. Unlike the cut that was screened at Sound Summit, this version includes an interview with Per Purpose guy Glen Shenau. It’s essential viewing if you’ve got even the vaguest interest in Australian music.

Also featured in the documentary are interviews with Joel Stern (Disembraining Machine, Sky Needle), Scraps, Kitchen’s Floor, Matt Earle (Breakdance the Dawn, xNOBBQx) and Blank Realm. It is directed by Josh Watson.


One thought on “Watch: Brisbane 2012 Documentary

  1. For someone not growing up in Brisbane this is an ear and eye opener….the people who share their background and stories of where they now find themselves and how and why it is they do what they now do is really insight-full….mainly because their is a genuine care for the city and from the people who star in this feature it’s a well worthwhile view for anyone interested


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