New Music

Listen: Degreaser – Too Tall For Me

Following Degreaser’s debut 2011 LP, which was enchantingly titled Bottom Feeder, comes a new release on Negative Guest List called Sweaty Hands. Degreaser is a New York-based group featuring Tim Evans of Bird Blobs and Sea Scouts fame, so there’s a handful of people who will have already made up their minds about this, ie, that it’ll be awesome. I’m not so sure, as I’ve never followed the guy’s music closely (never heard a Sea Scouts record *flinches*) but this sounds debased and sordid enough to hold my attention for at least four minutes, which is… good.

This track reminds me of a time when I lived in a Bathurst sharehouse. One of the townsfolk came around and set up a bucket bong in the centre of the room. He took a massive hit and then had an epileptic fit, taking down one of my housemates’ ornamental mannikins (dressed in a dog collar but otherwise nude) in the process. After his fit he kinda just sat there with his legs crossed for a bit, and then had another bong. Get stoned at any cost, this music tells me subliminally. Full review shortly.



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