New Music

Listen: MOB – So Far So Crab

Pure deadbeat synth-[….] from a new Sydney group comprising Al Haddock from Whores and another guy called Yuta. This kinda reminds me of what Sleep would sound like if they laid off the buckets long enough to figure out how to use an instrument with keys, and closer to home, it captures the same utterly destitute mood of that still-played-regularly cassette debut by Repairs.

If there’s gonna be a new crop of synth-punk reprobates in Australia, it’s nice to know that we’re running the whole gamut: this is the total inverse of the new Nun 7: bleak tranquility, sustained bum notes, longneck borne exhaustion. A friend called it Dirge Reality, probably as a reference to Whores’ 7 Mob Reality, but I really don’t know. It’s an appropriate combination of words nonetheless.



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